Monday, 17 March 2014


OK, so we now know Nemesis read out last blog post about Cruising is (not) fixing your boat in exotic locations. Well, our anchor winch wasn't repaired after all. It's a bit of a saga by now and is still to be continued. Its motor and gearbox was serviced and the gearbox had some seals replaced, but that still didn't do the trick. The weird thing is that sometimes it works for maybe 30 seconds, then stops. It's now back at the shop being rewinded, fingers crossed that will solve the problem.

It's OK though, we have been having a good time nonetheless. For the last two weeks we have been anchored up at the top of Phuket by Yacht Haven marina where Nalukai (one of the boats we met at Surins) is also doing various boat work and a generator is giving them grief also. They have three girls, Phoebe (11), Hatty (9) and Willow (7) and I have had a blast playing with the girls in the pool every day, teaching them to make friendship bracelets and baking them cakes. One night we had two of them on Sophia for a sleep-over. Nalukai is a 50 feet catamaran and each girl has a double bed cabin for herself, so they found Sophia very small, but cosy :-) A good time was had by all, even Phil!

Otherwise we haven't really seen or done anything exciting. One highlight was the first rain we had on Saturday since December, pretty crazy to go three months without rain.

No photos of the offending winch holding us up, but of all the fun we have had with the girls.
Phil and I was invited along to Phoebe's 11th birthday party. Great fun and never mind that Phil and I were the only ones without kids there... I baked the cake and Phoebe decorated it herself
I guess it was a typical cruising birthday, the kids were ranging in age from 7 to 14 and a mix of boys and girls

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