Saturday, 29 March 2014

Beautiful and typical Thai: Phang Nga Bay

Our anchor winch was finally repaired (it needed new brushes), and the last week we have been exploring Phang Nga Bay. It's the big bay between Phuket island and the mainland, or the northern part of that anyway. Here's a link to wikipedia about it. Apart from beaches, the image I have of Thailand is steep cliffs and green water and we have seen lots of that and it's really really pretty. Another cool thing is we have kind of been buddy boating with Nalukai, the three cute Aussie kids (see last post) and their nice parents.

We have been missing hanging out with people our age, not that there's anything wrong with older people, we have met lots lovely older cruisers, but sometimes it's nice to hang with people our own age. Kids boats seem to be our solution :-) Sure, they are a bit older than us, but only 10 years or so, not 20-30 years older like most cruisers. And the kids help the average down and it's fun experiencing their perspective of the cruising life.

I don't really need to write much more, instead I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I have taken so many pictures, that I have added another bunch to facebook.
looking straight up from an enclosed lagoon (entered though a tunnel)
there's another lagoon in behind here
this is inside the lagoon, cheer cliffs behind me
It's a race (they won)!
We climbed 1237 steps to the top of this mountain where there was a temple (below). Our legs are still sore...

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