Monday, 4 November 2013

October's cruising costs for Brunei and Malaysia

An expensive month at NZ$ 2059, but considering that Phil bought a new computer (NZ$ 850) and that our amazing little side trip to Gunung Mulu national parks came in at NZ$ 520, it's not bad at all. Without those two costs it would have been NZ$ 686, which (in theory) would have been a record low.

We now again have internet and laudry costs. Those costs we part of the $5 we paid a day for the yacht club in Brunei, I think I forgot to specify that in the last cost post. Speaking of which, were only in Brunei the first couple of days of the month, the rest of the time was spent in Malaysia. And doing a fair bit of passasing, which also always helps keep the expenses down.

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