Thursday, 14 November 2013

Home sweet home

We're now back on Sophia after having spent the last 10 days in Singapore with the same friend as last time. It really is such a luxury to stay in a real house (and furthermore a really nice one), in a bed that never moves, with toilets where you just push a buttom and showers full of endless water. There are also power plugs and you don't have to worry about draining the battery and internet in Singapore is fast! One of the biggest reliefs was the aircon. I kind of have a love hate relationship to those. It really is super nice to be able to cool down when it's 30-35 degrees outside (too hot) but at the same time I easily get super cold in A/C and need to dress really warm. All in all, living in a house (in the 1st world) really is a luxury, and it's nice to be reminded of that once in a while, just like it's nice to get off the boat once in a while.

I got lots of girly time with my friend and her two little girls (see photo proof below) and Phil got some computer time :-) He also went to Hong Kong to pick up some sails and did some racing at Changi with the new sails when he was back. We're now going to spend a few more days here at Tioman doing as much snorkeling as possible and then we are going to sail through the Malacca strait past Singapore to west coast Malaysia.
We visited the Singapore Art Museum and there was this, uhmm, funky, exhibition about a level on your head.
Little India
One food thing Phil and I agree on is Indian food :-)
Yay, Christmas decorations, haha
Singapore is full of trees, it's really nice. This is right on Orchard Road!
At Botanical Gardens feeding the ducks - turned more into feeding the turtles, they were plentiful and mean!
Riding the cable car to Sentosa Island (just fot the ride which the girls love)
so. many. cranes!!!!
rain gutters are serious business in Singapore and Theresa said this even sometimes overflows!
I got to take the girls to their swimming lessons, much to both their and my delight
I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday while in Singapore
girly time, one thing I don't get to do with my four nephews (my only niece is only 4 months old)
Theresa, Saba and Lea with braids :-)

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