Saturday, 12 October 2013

Visiting the Gunung Mulu National Park, part 2, the animals and the forest

This is about the animals we saw in the park, as well as the jungle itself. Read about our trip and the caves here in the first part.

Most of the animals we saw was on a night walk we did with a guide. We walked really slow while trying to spot all the animals that become active at night, many of them are masters of disguise, especially the stick insects.
All sorts of stick insects, green ones, thorny ones, barky ones, but my favourite is the mossy one! The person is pointing to a massive stick insect, at least 30 cm long I think!
Dwarf squirrel (very cute), moss eating snail, small wood snake and a frog
Jungle flowers, but to be fair, most were found near the part head quarters where they have been planted
Bats streaming out of the deer cave. The 2-3 million bats in that cave alone do a good job as there are hardly any mosquitoes in the park
Butterfly, spider, grasshopper and a big bees' nest high up a tree
Heading down the river to Clearwater cave. The mountain where the Pinnacles is in the background
It was fun driving on these river boats
Cave animals: a racer snake, spider, cave cricket and these weird critters that live of guano (bat droppings)
A snail with really long antennas, a lantern insect, a sleeping bird and yet another spider
Pretty big tree
Phil walking across a canopy skywalk
But even up high at the canopy skywalk it still wasn't possible to see the jungle for trees
Lots of geckos, I like the tiny one on Phil's wrist, we found it in the sink by the hostel
Lots of millipedes and cousins, the fluffy ones are fun, the stripy one is actually as thick as a man's thumb and that's not including its hairs. The top left is a hammerhead worm.

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