Wednesday, 2 October 2013

September's cruising costs for Brunei and Malaysia

After skipping the month's of July and August (only two of those weeks were actually spent on the boat), I finally got a new month's budget.

Sarah and Anton visited the first week, and Phil wasn't back until two-thirds way through the month, so it's not quite a typical month. Our total spending was NZ$ 1236. After food the largest spending was various boat parts Phil bought in NZ. As a side note, we did also buy some parts in Denmark (in July and August), but it wasn't actually that much, some springs for rope clutches, a new kettle and other small bits and bobs.

The high transport cost is Phil going to KK to deliver a sail plus when we have borrowed Barry's car, we have topped up the petrol. One thing we'll really miss here in Brunei is the cheap fuel, we have even bought an extra five 20 liter containers (slightly dodgy ones for $2 each) so we can take come of that precious liquid with us.

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