Monday, 1 April 2013

Playing bible telephone on a pretty beach

After Coron we visited two other anchorages in Busuanga Group, one in Puerto Del Sol, which is one of those places that claim to be a yacht club, but really is just a resort that also caters to yachts. We were surprised to see 5-6 yachts moored in the bay, although it was quickly obviously they are stored there, only two actually had people on them. We had heard there was a mooring with good water hooked up to it and that why we went there. It hasn't rained more than a sprinkel in almost a month now, so we're getting pretty low on water.

Since Solomon Islands (November) we have relied 100% on catching rain water, and lots of it even. It has also made us quite picky, as there really isn't anything better than sweet clean rain water. So, we went to check out the water on the mooring, but quickly gave up on that idea, as the water did not taste good at all. As luck would it it, it actually rained a little bit that afternoon and with the help of our big rain catcher, we got maybe 60 or so litres, enough to keep us going another little while.
Our next anchorage was in Coral Bay in the southern end of Busuanga Group. There was a resort in the bay and totally randomly it turned out it was owned by a Danish couple! Even more funny was that one of the Danish boats we met in Palau (brothers with one boat each) uses their bay more or less as a base, so they knew Kim very well :-) They keep their house reef protected and it we had a really good snorkel trip on it, really good coral and fish life, we even saw several lobsters. A new-to-us fish was jaw fish, they live in deep rock lined holes in the sand and only just poke their head out to stare at us, they looked so angry and grumpy, really funny fish! This reef along with Kayagan Lake and a shallow WWII gun boat wreck we snorkelled, makes Busuanga group come in as the best snorkel spot in Philippines (so far anyway).

We left Coral Bay and headed towards Palawan. We had two possible stops on the way, but the wind was so good (strong) that we went all the way to north Palawan in one day. We anchored in Diapila Bay. It is a big quite open bay lined with several beautiful beaches. When we went ashore to check out the beach and village, we met a church group that were having a Easter Sunday picnic and fun & games on the beach. They kindly invited us to join them in games such as bibles telephone (whisper a bible quote along in a line, first team to get it right wins). They also gave us some yummy food. 
To reciprocate, we invited some of them to come visit Sophia later in the day and I make muffins, always a hit with visitor. It was even the first time they had been on a yacht, despite the fact that yachts fairly often visit the bay. Unfortunately one of girls became sick literally 90 seconds after being inside Sophia (to have a look around) and she spent the rest of the time puking on the back of the banka they arrived in. It's not the first time that has happened for visitors, but it's quite amazing how little it takes, it was a pretty OK flat anchorage in our opinion. One of the girls works in Puerto Galera and had been back visiting her family for the easter break and was going back go El Nido to catch the bus and as we were going at the same time, offered her a ride which she gratefully accepted. We hope to catch up with Janeth again in Puerto Princessa.

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