Monday, 29 April 2013

Back in our right element

Sophia was put back into the water this morning, so all up we had only three days on the hard. Three long hard days. We fully admit we don't get a much exercise these days besides from walking everywhere, and we don't really do much physical work either, just enough to make Sophia sail. 30-35 degrees heat and hard physical labour was therefore a tiring combo for us. Our private bathroom and lots of ice creams were our rewards. And the fact that Sophia now again is in top condition and looking great.
Phil sorted our the new dripless shaft seal and it's all good now. Well, almost, there is a now a rattling  noise when we're motoring, something to do with the bearing I mentioned in the last post, Phil can't really explain it to me, but the stuffing from the box would have previously muffled the rattling. Phil is now googling the issues and emailing the manufacturer of the new seal, but overall he isn't too concerned about it, so I suppose I shouldn't be either, and with time we'll hopefully get used to the new noise.
It's almost time to do the monthly cruising cost again, but all up the haul out cost us 2100 Malaysian ringgit, approx NZ$ 815. The antifoul was pretty pricey, the 10 litres of antifoul (we have to litres leftover) accounted for 860 ringgit of that total.
We now just one more day in the free marina getting ready to leave Kudat tomorrow morning.

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