Sunday, 27 January 2013

Finally off to Philippines

Yay, our parts arrived, super good, because now we can still get to Philippines in time to meet Sheralee (hopefully, if weather cooperates) AND we have a new auto pilot ram, so we won't have to worry too much whether the old one will give up half way there. Of course there is always some worrying that something will break (which it will, but what is the question...), but that's just the way of life on a boat.

We haven't really done much fun stuff since last blog post, it's been a pretty quiet week with mainly just some boat work and lazying around. I have also been a bit sick, now it was my turn (Phil had a mild flu around New Year), and I guess now as good a time as ever to be sick.
The photo above is obviously not mine!!! Photo credit: Luc Viatour / One day we snorkelled off the wall right by the dinghy dock at Sams Tours where they apparently are abundant and easy to spot, but only late afternoon just before sunset. Pretty neat fish. 

But, now we are just sooo ready and so excited to be leaving! We're clearing out tomorrow morning (it's very expensive to clear out on a weekend, otherwise we would have already gone already) and so far the forecast is looking pretty good, 15 knots initially, but lighter as we get towards Philippines, although that can easily change.

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