Saturday, 5 January 2013

December's cruising cost

We knew this was going to be an expensive month, so it was no real surprise that we spent almost $2000 during December. It's a good effort considering we spent half of it on passage, first five days from Kavieng to Hermit Island, then nine days from Hermit to Palau. The biggie is boat bits with a very expensive new toilet lit and seat at almost $400. Considering you can get a brand new (whole) toilet for about half that, it's even more expensive, but we do like our lavac toilet and have had no problems with it so far, besides the lid cracking, but then it was 26 years old. The lid hasn't actually arrived here yet, but we're really looking forward to it.

Another bigger than usual expense was internet. PNG wasn't cheap (until we discovered just using Phil's smart phone), where as here in Palau it is (but then it means we use it lots). Most of those costs should carry us through the rest of our time in Palau in January though. Miscellaneous was also big, but it wasn't one thing, just lots of little things adding up.

We can already reveal that next month is going to be expensive as Phil has just purchased a new autopilot ram and a dripless shaft seal, but more about that next month. Here's December:

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