Thursday, 17 April 2014

Four nationalities onboard Sophia

We arrived back in Langkawi (Malaysia) the first week of April and spent just over a week there before we got new visitors, yeah, we love visitors. For the first time it was Phil's visitors, his cousin Cassie and her boy friend Pablo. We are now four nationalities on Sophia: New Zealand, Danish, Australian and Argentinean, which to me is pretty cool.

Immediately we sailed back to Thailand with them. Langkawi is nice and there's lots of beautiful anchorages, but one thing Langkawi unfortunatley lacks, is clear water. Koh Lipe just 5 hours north is much better. We will probably just hang around the Butang group (which Koh Lipe is part of) and then head back to Langkawi.

During our week in Langkawi, we didn't do a whole lot of interesting and exciting stuff, hence no blog post. Both Phil and I did some sewing, Phil a sail, I some clothes and various other things. Langkawi is cruiser central and right now most are finishing up in Thailand and heading south as it's chance-over season and the SW monsoon will kick in some time in May. It meant lots of our friends were already there, or turning up, so good times were had. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking. Especially the underwater photos taken with the new camera, I love it already!
sunset over Telaga harbour on Langkawi, lots of cruising boats gathered there at the moment
all the cruising kids had their own fire on the beach
yeah, back to rotis in Malaysia
and cheap beer, Carlsberg makes these skol, less than 50 cents per beer :-)
I made new tops for the Nalukai girls, here Phoebe sporting hers
Phil and Argentinean Pablo
Phil's cousin Cassie (classic mistake of underestimating sun on the first day) and I at Lipe
it's a good street dog life on Lipe
and back to Thailand's curries

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