Monday, 13 January 2014

Island hopping through beautiful Thailand

We had a great Christmas holiday in Denmark, but we were also happy to get back to Sophia and the heat. Apparently it was a very mild winter weather in Denmark and I don't even thing we had frost, but to us it was still freezing cold. The novelty of wearing lots of clothes soon wore off. But the dark weather mean full on Christmas spirit and cosiness (hygge, more a less a Danish concept) with lots of candles and comfort food. Getting to spend lots of time with nephews and niece was of course a big bonus.

We have been back over a week now, but I have been a bit slack on the blogging side. We have also been busy entertaining Louise, our visitor from Denmark, yay, we love having visitors. In Langkawi we had a few relaxing days by the pool at the marina (and resort) on Rebak, and I'm pretty sure that's what finally rid us of the colds we have been having almost non-stop. We also rented a car and drove around on the island doing a few touristy things.

We have now been in Thailand a few days already, it's only a few hours sail from Langkawi. Ko Lipe was our first stop, a small pretty beach/jungle island that is now a backpacker haven/hell, depending on your view point. It did have lovely clear water and OK snorkeling and it was a good stop to wait for the wind (first time in ages and ages it actually really blew!) to die down.

We have also been to Ko Kuh, another touristy island, although much less than Ko Lipe. The cool thing there was a hidden emerald beach you can get to by swimming through an 80 m long dark tunnel. Of course it's full of tourists boats during the day, but we got there just before sunset and had it all to ourselves, neat! Unfortunately the small underwater camera couldn't even remotely capture the beauty of it. We're now on our way to Phuket via a few more islands. It's just sooooo pretty!
yay, we got a new dinghy!!! It's still small but massive compared to the old one, big improvement, quality also seems a lot better

snorkelling near Ko Lipe

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