Friday, 2 August 2013

On holiday from the holiday

We don't really considering our cruising adventure a holiday, more like a lifestyle, but in a way it's like a holiday. And at the moment we're in Denmark visiting my family, so therefore a holiday from the holiday.

Time sure flies when you're having fun and we have already been 2 1/2 weeks away from Sophia. You could also call this visit a tour of new babies! Being 32 years old ALL my girl friends and family are having babies at the moment, and many even have several already! It's been over two years since I last visited Denmark, so a lot has happened in that department. My twin sister's youngest son is already a year old, and my little sister was due the day before we arrived in Copenhagen. Six days overdue she finally had a beautiful baby girl, the first niece after four nephews :-)
My little sister (holding her until then only child, another boy) before she's about to pop and below us is the baby girl she then had, check out her amazing hair! The other two babies, Bastien and Mila, are other friends', funny enough with Danish mums, but respectively French and Kiwi dads.
We spent the first week in Copenhagen. We also choose to come at exactly this time because Phil's parents were going to visit Copenhagen on their round-the-world-cruise (like we visited them in Singapore), but unfortunately Phil's mum broke her ankle in three places in Rome two weeks before Copenhagen, so that was the end of the trip for them, very unlucky! My parents were also in Copenhagen as they were supposed to have spent the day with them, so we still did some touristy stuff together.
Our first couple of days in Copenhagen, mixed weather. Phil's parents' cruise ship (without them onboard unfortunately)

More Copenhagen stuff. My legs are the tanned ones next to my little sister's white ones.

Visiting Kronborg in Helsingor north of Copenhagen. Shakespear was inspired by Kronborg to write Hamlet (to be or not to be). Holger the Dane is sitting in the basement waiting to come into action if the Swedes invades Denmark!

Visiting Roskilde and the viking ship museum, fun and interesting! Also Roskilde's cathedral.

We're now in North Jutland where I come from and where my family still lives (minus little sis in Copenhagen). My twin sister has three boys, four, two and one, so they keep us entertained and busy most of the time. Denmark has had exceptionally good weather, so we have enjoyed lots of ice cream, been to the beach and played in the garden lots. Many have complained about the unusually hot (for Denmark!) weather, but of course to us it's quite pleasant, and often even on the cool side, but we do enjoying not sweating. And sleeping under a duvet, lots of showers and other simple pleasures like that.
Around North Jutland. The dark picture is taken at 11.30 pm when there's still a sliver of light on the sky. I love the long light nights.

My twin sister and her three boys.
One funny thing was when I was packing for this trip in Brunei I looked at our long pants and warm clothes and I just couldn't bear the thought of wearing such warm clothes (because I was stinking hot at the time) even though logically I knew it would sometimes get cold in Denmark, so only Phil got one pair of jeans with him! Luckily I fit clothes with my mum and sisters.

Phil is going back to Sophia in a week, but I'm staying two weeks longer than him. When we come back we'll keep going along the coast of Borneo, then to Singapore, Western Malaysia and Thailand.

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