Monday, 10 September 2012

Cruising costs for Tonga

We have been keeping a close account of every penny we have spent, as it's a good way to find out where our money goes, and also to stop us over-spending. We do the accounting for our own sake, but we might as well share it, as we know there are several future cruisers back home, it might be able to give you an idea of cruising costs. Below is money we have spent cruising for July and August. It happens to be almost exactly the time we have been in Tonga, plus our passage to Vanuatu.

A few things to note: we are pretty frugal. We have eaten out for dinner only twice in those two months. Other eat out is the $3 fish burgers we got from the market and ice creams and the like. 'Drinks and food for internet' is mostly not money we would have spent on drink or food otherwise, but it's often the cheapest way to get on internet. We differ from most cruisers by our alcohol consumption. It's very low, as we just think it's too expensive, it was on Tonga anyway, getting closer to Asia should improve that situation. Sophia was also extremely well stocked coming directly from New Zealand. I did not keep a budget while in NZ, but I'd guestimate we have spent a few thousand on groceries alone in NZ to stock up Sophia with all the things that are either impossible or very expensive to find up here. Some of it should hopefully last for many more months to come, but it did lower our food budget while in Tonga.

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