Monday, 27 August 2012

On passage to Vanuatu, day 6

After the last post the wind turned more to our stern and also increased in strength to up around 20 knots, plus minus some. This is OK as we're just cruising along with the head sail alone, the sea is quite short, steep and very bouncy. We're rocking and rolling all over the show and are both looking forward to a quiet anchorage. It's amazing how quickly we forget when in a beautiful calm anchorage how rolly it can be. It takes two people to cook, one to hold the bowl to stop it bounce away, so about the fanciest we cook is pancakes...

This sounds like a lot of complaining, but we're still fine, we just looking forward to arriving. Depending on the weather, we'll get to Anatom (or possibly Tanna, if it looks like westerly, but unlikely) either Tuesday late afternoon or else we'll have to slow down and wait until Wednesday morning for day light, but hopefully we can just make it on Tuesday.

Position: 20, 20, 17 S and 172, 11, 25 E
785 miles so far, 135 miles to go

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