Thursday, 12 April 2012

Stewart Island part 4, Disappointment Cove

Disappointment Cove, also known as Peacehaven, is in the South Arm of Port Pegasus. It’s very protected and snug. True to the ambiguous name(s) the water was full big red jelly fish with long tentacles, very pretty, but also very nasty looking. Wouldn’t be fun meeting one of them while swimming! But otherwise it was quite idyllic and pretty. There is a 10 minutes' walk over to Broad Bay, which is on the coast south of Port Pegasus. Here you can be lucky to spot Yellow Eyed Penguins (we didn’t see any, but saw them in the water elsewhere), but there were plenty of sea lions lounging in the sun on the beach. We also dinghied to Boat Harbour Cove and found the track (track started in the creek, not to the east of it as indicated in the guide book) and walked over to another beautiful bay (Boat Harbour Bay) in Broad Bay. In the evening we again walked over the track from Disappointment Cove to the beach around sunset hoping we’d see kiwis (or penguins), but with no luck. Instead we were rewarded by a beautiful sunset.

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